North Morgan’s Novel Is a Masc, Musc Must-Read


Grab North Morgan’s fast, fresh, and bold book Into? and head to the beach. It is a light, sexy read — like a scroll through Instagram if you know the right hashtags. The book is more than this too: a cultural time capsule of urban (white) gay men of a certain social circle today with their Instagram, protein powders, and all those flights to Miami.

This gay novel is written in first person and Konrad pulls you into the novel and won’t let go. Morgan’s able to capture the hypervigilance so many gay men experience. We read about Konrad’s search for masc men, his gym goals, and his quirky neighbors in Venice Beach.

At the risk of being kicked out of the party that this novel creates, I’ll quibble and say that I wish the secondary characters were more developed. I want to hear more from Konrad’s ex and friends and Grindr hookups. While the book has plenty of thrusting, it could use more rising action. Still from Provincetown to Palm Springs, this book should be in your beach bags this summer, boys.

If you’re up for Into?, you’d like Jade Chang’s The Wangs vs. The World too. While Wangs doesn’t have a gay main character, both novels share a sense of modern longing among the upper classes.

Andrew Sean Greer Wins a Pulitzer, Puts A Dog In Pajamas

I first discovered Andrew Sean Greer’s “Less” through Ann Patchett’s blog. The book thrilled me — funny, savvy and so poetic. It was my favorite summer read ever, but if I’m being honest I didn’t think about it winning awards. Weighty books usually win these weighty awards. Books about gay people don’t often pick up big prizes. Less is a light, bright exception.

Check out this Amazon review from October 2017:
When I finished it, I bought four copies to give as gifts. The book is not going to win a Nobel or be taught in universities or anything but it was a pure pleasure to read and it’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

Well, it didn’t win a Nobel prize (yet?!), just a Pulitzer! And it is sold out everywhere.

Andrew Sean Greer string of tweets about his win is perfect.  I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next!