Andrew Sean Greer Wins a Pulitzer, Puts A Dog In Pajamas

I first discovered Andrew Sean Greer’s “Less” through Ann Patchett’s blog. The book thrilled me — funny, savvy and so poetic. It was my favorite summer read ever, but if I’m being honest I didn’t think about it winning awards. Weighty books usually win these weighty awards. Books about gay people don’t often pick up big prizes. Less is a light, bright exception.

Check out this Amazon review from October 2017:
When I finished it, I bought four copies to give as gifts. The book is not going to win a Nobel or be taught in universities or anything but it was a pure pleasure to read and it’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

Well, it didn’t win a Nobel prize (yet?!), just a Pulitzer! And it is sold out everywhere.

Andrew Sean Greer string of tweets about his win is perfect.  I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next!



Lambda Literary Finalists Announced

Rainbow Book Pile

This morning Lambda Literary announced the Lammy award nominees this morning.

Here are the nominees for the gay fiction category:

I’ve read three of these gay novels: After the Blue Hour, The End of Eddy, and Less. What I find exciting about seeing these three books together is how different they are. The dark and moody terror of After the Blue Hour is a world apart from the witty jet-setting age-anxiety in Less. The End of Eddy is an autobiographical novel about a struggling young boy in France.

I haven’t read any of the Gay Memoir/Biography nominees. Have you?:


Congratulations, Andrew Sean Greer!


Andrew Sean Greer’s Less was my best beach read this summer. Buzz for this funny book is still building: the Washington Post named it a Top 10 book and the New York Times named it to their Top 100 list.

It’s sweet to see a novel by a gay men about a gay character get this kind of recognition. I agree with Ann Patchett: Less is “the book I’ve been looking for, and it seems quite possible it’s the book you’re looking for too”